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Sugar Beet Transportation Services

We have the equipment and trained staff to ensure that we offer Lincolnshire’s best Sugar Beet transportation service

L J Brumpton & Son operate the most efficient and well organised sugar beet operation in North Lincolnshire. 

For sugar beet growers we offer the complete field to factory service and are unrivalled in our level of expertise, equipment and efficiency. 

Many customers use our sugar beet system and allow us to manage, harvest, load, clean and deliver their crop. Like many industries, agriculture and it’s methods have changed dramatically, including the way beet is planned to avoid weather damage and sugar loss.

A complete Sugar Beet ‘field to factory’ service
As margins have tightened, often the ability to load direct from the field and avoid double handling is a welcomed efficiency and can be performed by conventional loader or our state of the art Ropa Maus. 

Investment pays off
At LJ Brumpton & Son we’ve invested in a state of the art Ropa Maus self-propelled sugar beet cleaner loader, and it really does take some beeting! This amazing machine can fill one of our  29 tonne wagons in only four minutes. Our unbeatable efficiency levels have seen us load in excess of 200,000 tonnes in a season. No other transportation company comes close to our level of field to factory service.

LI Brumpton & Son has a wide variety of beet equipment supplemented by our tipper fleet and sub contractors to ensure farmers receive a premium service, 

We have proved over the years the benefits of our “Sugar Beet System” and as North Lincolnshire’s number one operator we know that we offer our customers the best quality and value service anywhere.

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